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Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases. Commercial Register – Handelsregistereintragung. As incorporation agents our experience and relationship with the Commercial Register (Handelsregistereintragung) in Germany means we can obtain copies of company documents from the registry. We are able to conduct a company search and obtain company search reports and copies of company documents.

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They offer a host of documents from a range of sources including accounting/ financial reports, director details and annual returns. European Business register. The European Business Register is a network of business registers kept by the registration authorities in most of the European countries. EBR makes it possible for everybody to obtain comparable, official company information from the countries connected to the network. Le registre des entreprises est une plateforme centralisée servant à la sauvegarde des données légales pertinentes d'une entreprise. Toutes les données importantes de l'entreprise devant être publiées sont centralisées ici et préparées afin de pouvoir être consultées de manière électronique par les personnes intéressées. The registry courts of the federal states of the Federal Republic of Germany publish announcements required under Section 10 of the German Commercial Code and announcements required under Section 66 of the German Civil Code.

The company register is required to request the LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) of the respective company in compliance with the European legal stipulations at the time of submitting documents. You can apply for your LEI at any existing international issuing agency. When you have a problem with a product or service, you don't have to ignore the issue and move on. > Lifecare > Regarding Share Transfere AGreement

Under German  Språk Global Business Register - Europe Company Search Germany using Kyckr company search portal Check if a company is Registered in Germany. Many translated example sentences containing "Swedish companies registration office" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German  Many translated example sentences containing "commercial register" – Swedish-English dictionary and search engine for Swedish translations. Legal information on legal forms of business in Germany, types of businesses, Company registration must take place at the Register of Commerce, held by the  According to the German commercial register, that undertaking's activity is the construction, erection and hiring out of scaffolding. Enligt det tyska  Många översatta exempelmeningar innehåller "registered company number" Austria owns 100 % of a legally separate German registered company of the  Bolagsverket (Swedish Companies Registration Office) företagsfakta (Find company information) and European Business Register (EBR).

German company register

13.03.2021 – The Federal Gazette publishing house warns of offers and notifications regarding register entries for companies in the Company Register and in But third parties may rely upon such voluntarily published translations, unless the company can show that they were aware of the version referred to in Article 67(1)(2) of the Companies Code, which refers to certified copies of authentic documents, duplicates or originals of private deeds, and statements that must be filed, in electronic form or not, with the registry of the commercial court. If the shareholder is not a natural person but an English company (i.e. a subsidiary situation), the German notary will need to be provided with certified and legalised (i.e. apostilled) copies of the following documents, because these documents will need to be sent to the German Company Register … The article provides information about the registration of a company in Germany,the costs and steps to follow in order to register a company.

German company register

Info: 360kompany AG is a private service provider. 360kompany is not part of the services provided by the German Handelsregister. Some information may be available at no cost from Handelsregister here . * Charged document price includes the official fee ($4.73), a service fee ($6.00), plus value added tax. Every German company, partnership and association must be officially registered in the Handelsregister (Commercial Register).
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German company register

VEGO Consult methods allow residents of foreign countries establish remotely (without physical presence) Limited Liability Company (LLC or GmbH in German) in just 2-4 weeks after we receive all the documents. The manager may be based in Germany or in another country. Liability. For obligations which arise before the company contract was certified, the founders shall be personally liable as joint debtors.

The manager may be based in Germany or in another country. Liability. For obligations which arise before the company contract was certified, the founders shall be personally liable as joint debtors.
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The bundesanzeiger is the official distributor of German company data registered at the „Unternehmensregister”. There are about 3,4 million companies entered in the „Unternehmensregister”, of which 1,5 million are live companies.